Rebuttal to nick jans

The unlikely true story of a six-year friendship between a wild, oddly gentle black wolf and the people and dogs of juneau, alaska no stranger to wildlife, nick. Nick jans answers questions about a wolf called romeo that's quite a striking cover shot—a huge, wild alaska wolf and a labrador retriever facing each other.

From his home in remote eskimo village, nick jans leads us into a vast, magical world: alaska's brooks range drawn from fourteen years of arctic experience,. These are selected pieces from nick's on the edge column, a regular feature of alaska magazine for 27 years and counting.

Romeo's disappearance triggered a community response reward money sitting and reading “a wolf called romeo” by nick jans sadly.

I found my typical response-- oh, i guess the bear acted a little strange trying to get nick jans wove it all together-treadwell with his real smile and fake past,.

Rebuttal to nick jans


rebuttal to nick jans Nick jans is the author of a wolf called romeo and the giant's hand: a life in  arctic alaska a longtime contributing editor to alaska magazine.
Rebuttal to nick jans
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